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Custom Large LED Light Background Panel Aquarium Decor

Custom Large LED Light Background Panel Aquarium Decor

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Custom LED Light Background Aquarium Decor

Transform your aquarium into a work of art with our Custom Large LED Light Background Panel. Crafted with vibrant RGB lights, this light panel provides a welcoming ambiance to your underwater world. Elevate the aesthetics of your fish tank with this unique and customizable aquarium decor.


Origin: Mainland China

Type: fish

Product voltage 12V Power input voltage 100-240V
Can be equipped with different power supplies according to different countries

Please tell the customer service what the thickness of the fish tank glass is, and it needs to be hooked according to the thickness.

RGB version can be controlled by mobile phone APP;
The white light version can only be adjusted by the knob.

The price shown on the page is the price including the power supply and dimmer, please contact customer service to confirm the relevant requirements and note the thickness of the fish tank before placing the order!

The light board is divided into white light/RGB light, the light piece can choose blue-white, yellow-green, orange-white, and the default is blue-white. Please contact customer service before placing an order.

The gradient film on the aquarium lamp is pasted and shipped (Note: For bright colors, the gradient film is printed with water-based ink, and the back is not waterproof. Therefore, we usually paste it and ship it. When using it, do not get water into the background plate and the gradient film. can).

♦Suitable size: small and medium-size light-emitting board
♦The appearance is crystal clear, uniform, high brightness, long service life, low energy consumption, fast start-up, no stroboscopic, no noise
♦Working voltage: LED-12V
♦Packing method: bubble bag, carton, sea freight plus plywood wooden frame
♦Structure: adopt Edgelight light guide plate, SMD LED light source

Note: Due to the deviation of the lighting and monitor resolution during shooting, the actual object received may be slightly different from the picture, which is not a quality problem.

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