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Aquarium Anti-splash Oxygen Pump Filter

Aquarium Anti-splash Oxygen Pump Filter

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Aquarium Anti-splash Oxygen Pump Filter



Origin: Mainland China

Type: fish

Fish Tank Air Oxygen Pump Oxygen Disintegrator Anti-splash Oxygen Disintegrator Reverse Gas Lift Filter For Home Fish Bowl


High-Level Glass Oxygenator: This device ensures efficient oxygen dissolution in the water, promoting better water quality and a healthier aquatic environment.

Pneumatic Counter-Current Filtration: When equipped with small filter media, this filtration system operates as a counter-current filter, generating a visually stunning display of bubbles rising along the tank walls.

Resin Ion Exchanger: Ideal for regions with elevated water hardness and pH levels, the resin ion exchanger initiates ion exchange, effectively softening water and adjusting pH levels.

Engaging Bubble Wall Chase: The mesmerizing display of bubbles moving across the aquarium, inhabitants and the viewers, enriching the overall aesthetic of the aquarium.

Enhanced Filtration with Small Airstones: By combining small airstones with cotton pads, this system optimizes physical filtration, contributing to a cleaner and healthier aquatic ecosystem.

Name: Oxygen pump
Specifications: 20cm glass oxygen dissolver, 28cm glass oxygen dissolver
Material: high borosilicate glass
Application scenario: Fish tank, aquarium

Packing list: Oxygen pump x 1

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