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Large Capacity Automatic Electronic Timer Controlled Aquarium Feeder

Large Capacity Automatic Electronic Timer Controlled Aquarium Feeder

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Large Capacity Automatic Electronic Timer Controlled Aquarium Feeder



Max Output: 100g

Volume: 100g

Origin: Mainland China

Min Output: 50g

Number of gears: 1

Material: Plastic

LCD Display: No

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Bullet Points:
1,Manual and Automatic Feeding: The fish feeder can start fish-feeding at the scheduled time (once or twice a day), or you can start feeding fish immediately by pressing the ''manual'' button. Whether you are at home or on vacation, our fish feeder is perfect for daily use.
2,Scientific Feeding: Adjust the feeding amount through the adjustment switch on the feeding box, and press the button to feed automatically immediately, without affecting the timing setting. Dual time zone feeding, 12 hours/time to the left and 24* times to the right.
3,2 Mounting Methods: 1. Use the fixing clip to install and fix the fish feeder on the edge of the water tank, which can be used for the fish tank without the cylinder cover 2. Use the double-sided hook-and-loop fastener, one side is on the power cover of the feeder, the other One side is on the tank cover of the aquarium to fix the fish feeder, which can be used for the fish tank with cylinder cover.
4,2 Feeding Boxes: The fish feeder has 2 feeding boxes, which are used to add 50g or 100g of fish food to different fish tanks. You can choose a suitable feeding box according to your needs.
5,Widely Applicable: The moisture-proof hopper keeps the fish food dry and does not become wet or blocked. It can hold most foods, including flakes, granules or crumbs.
Material: plastic
Color: yellow, blue
Size: 14*14*8CM/5.51*5.51*3.15in
Power supply: 2*AA (not included)
2 mounting methods:
1. Fixing clip installation-can be used for wading type, fish tank without cylinder head
2. Hook-and-loop fastener installation-can be used in closed, fish tank with cylinder head

Packing List:
1*Fish Feeder
1*Fixed Clip
1*Hook-and-loop Fastener

About the battery: The feeder requires 2 AA batteries, and it can last for 2-4 months according to different feeding times.
About feeding amount: The feeding device can be set once every 12 hours and once every 24 hours. Set the feeding device opening according to your fish food type. It is recommended to feed less and eat more meals, and adjust the reasonable feeding amount slowly to avoid excessive pollution of water quality.

For example: Feeding consumes 2g once, twice a day, can be fed automatically for 12 days when filled with small food boxes, can be fed automatically for 25 days when filled with large food boxes, 50g for small food boxes, 100g for large food boxes.

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