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Resin Broken Barrells Aquarium/Terrarium Hideout

Resin Broken Barrells Aquarium/Terrarium Hideout

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Resin Broken Barrells Aquarium/Terrarium Hideout



Origin: Mainland China

feature1: fish house

feature2: brine shrimp hatchery

feature3: fish tank decoration

feature4: fish shrimp shelter house

feature5: fish breeding cave

feature6: aquarium ornament

feature7: fish cave

feature8: fish tank decor

feature9: aquarium decorative cave

feature10: fish tank hide cave

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes


This aquarium shelter cave can catch your fish's eyes, visual appeal and provide shelter for your fish, pretty up your fish tank and make your tank look more fun and change it into a beautiful hideaway habitat, it can also be used as a home decoration.


-Color:As Shown
- Perfect for decorating fish tank and aquarium, which is beautiful and energetic.
- It comes in small and lightweight design, easy to store, not taking up any space.
- The cave can be used as hideout to provide minnows to shuttle and hide play.
- Still and natural modelling, adding unique landscape for your blank and tedious fish tank.
- Resin material is safe and gentle to the fish and other plants.

1 x Fish Shrimp Cave

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