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Acrylic Reptile/Amphibian Terrarium Breeding Box

Acrylic Reptile/Amphibian Terrarium Breeding Box

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Acrylic Reptile/Amphibian Terrarium Breeding Box



Material: Acrylic

type1: Reptile Terrarium Habitat

type2: Reptile Feeding Breeding Box

feature 1: acrylic terrarium

feature 2: terrarium

feature 3: terrarium reptile

feature 4: terrariums

feature 5: reptile cage

feature 6: Acrylic cage

feature 7: mantis enclosure

feature 8: for terrarium reptiles

feature 9: jumping spider terrarium

feature 10: pet accessories

Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes


-Color: Transparent
- Material: Acrylic


【ACRYLIC REPTILE TERRARIUM】This reptile feeding box is made of sturdy acrylic material, the fully transparent breeding box will help you observe your pet up close.
【FOR ANIMALS】Acrylic reptile terrarium has vents, enough vents to ensure that animals will not suffocate when staying inside, which can ventilate and dissipate heat and provide a good growth environment for animals.
【SMALL AND CONVENIENT】The mini breeding box is suitable for keeping small animals. It can be matched with garden, soil, light box thermometer and other accessories to create a home for your pets and let them feel your love at all times. The lid on the top of the breeding box is a powerful switch, which is convenient for feeding and prevents pets from escaping.
【WARM HABITAT FOR ANIMALS】Micro feeding box shelter can be used to keep small reptiles and insects, young pets such as lizards, crickets, and praying mantis will like this comfortable habitat.



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