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Small Metal Bird Cage with Bird Perch

Small Metal Bird Cage with Bird Perch

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Small Metal Bird Cage with Bird Perch




Origin: US(Origin)


Target Species Finch
Product Dimensions 30"L x 18"W x 18"H
Gap Size 9.5 Millimeters
Material Alloy Steel


About this item

  • Stackable: Our compact white bird cage lets you easily stack additional flight cages. The spacious bird cage is designed to encourage exercise and activity.
  • Versatile: Showcase your flock with this multi-bird cage. This white bird crate is perfect for extra-small sized birds like parakeets, finches, and more. You can also use this bird home for a small parrot, cockatiel, and budgie. "
  • Comfortable: This small metal flight bird cage is the perfect home for multiple extra-small birds. Give your pet bird room to roam in this spacious flight cage, where they can spread their wings and fly.
  • Easy to Clean: Our flight bird cage features a large front door opening and removable plastic tray for convenient cleaning. This birdcage also includes feeder cups and perches, designed to ensure the cage interior remains neat.
  • Dimensions: Our stackable bird crate measures 30 inches long x 18 inches wide x 18 inches high with ⅜ inch wire spacing. The interior space is 29 ⅜ inches long x 17 ⅝ inches wide x 16 inches high.
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