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Aquarium Air Pump & LED Light

Aquarium Air Pump & LED Light

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Aquarium Air Pump & LED Light



Origin: Mainland China

Voltage: 110-240V

Type: fish

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes



1.The air pump is not waterproof,please place the air pump above the water level to prevent water from flowing back    and burning the air pump;

2.The air pump is Powered by AC 220~240V voltage,the LED bubble light is powered by DC 5V voltage(the package is    included a DC 5V power supply)

Package Includes:(you can refer to the picture)
1 x LED Bubble Light
1 x air pump
1 x 5V EU plug adapter
(please leave us a message if you need a US plug adapter)

1 x US to EU plug adapter
1 x Air Tube(1 meter)

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