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Classic Round Transparent Durable Fish Bowl

Classic Round Transparent Durable Fish Bowl

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Classic Round Transparent Durable Fish Bowl



Origin: Mainland China

Type: fish

feature16: small aquarium

feature15: mini fish tank

feature14: decorative fish tank

feature13: tabletop fish tank

feature12: micro landscape fish bowl

feature11: portable fish tank

feature10: home fish bowl

feature9: fish tank for home

feature8: small fish bowl

feature7: office fish tank

feature6: fish tank for desktop

feature5: plastic fish bowl

feature4: fish bowl

feature3: fish bowls

feature2: goldfish aquarium tank

feature1: fish tank for goldfish

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes


This plastic transparent fish tank is perfect for your desk, living room or office. Its high transparency allows you to observe the life of your fish and turtles clearly. The round design ensures there are no dead corners, making it easy to clean and maintain. Made of plastic, it is durable and has a long service life. 


-Color:As Shown
-Lightweight and easy to move, making it convenient to place anywhere. Can be used to enhance the overall aesthetic.
-Can be used as a teaching tool for children to learn about small fish. Can be used as a stress-relieving tool to help relax.
-Made of plastic material, it has the characteristics of transparency, so that you can clearly observe the living state of fish.
-Easily maintenance: Round design, no dead corners, easy to clean and maintain. Give you more convenience to clean. 
-Fall resistant: Made of strength plastic material, this plastic small fish bowl is fall resistant, durable, has lasting service life.

1 x fish bowl

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