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Artificial Decorative Terrarium Plant

Artificial Decorative Terrarium Plant

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Artificial Decorative Terrarium Plant



Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: artificial plant

Reptile Decorations Type: Trees

Material: Plastic

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Artificial Plant Terrarium Decor Tank Decoration Fake Aquarium Plant Fake Plant Ornament


The Aquarium Fish Tank Artificial Plant is a perfect addition to your fish tank, providing a natural and beautiful aesthetic. Made from plastic material, the plant decoration is lifelike, enhancing the overall appeal of your aquarium. Its durability is exceptional, as it is specially treated to be water-resistant and corrosion-resistant, ensuring it maintains its shape and color even after prolonged use.


-Color:As Shown
-Realistic plant decoration: this plant decoration is designed to look realistic, adding a natural and vibrant touch to your aquarium.
-Exceptional durability and resistance to water and corrosion: made from plastic materials, this plant decoration is built to lasting.
-Plastic material for the health of your fish: the materials used in this plant decoration are safe for your fish, ensuring their health.
-Easy to clean with a smooth surface: the smooth surface of this plant decoration makes it easy to clean, allowing you to maintain.
-These artificial plants can make your aquarium looks vividly, adding a natural and lively atmosphere. Can meet your decorating need.

1 x artificial plant

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