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Reptile/Amphibian Basking Platform

Reptile/Amphibian Basking Platform

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Reptile/Amphibian Basking Platform



Size:: 16.3*19.2cm/ 16.3*15.5cm

Material: Acrylic

Brand Name: DKSHETOY

Reptile Decorations Type: Vines

Model Number: Hanging Turtle Basking Platform

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes



High Transparency Material: Crafted with 92% PMMA material, this basking platform provides exceptional clarity, allowing you to observe your aquatic reptiles with ease. Enjoy a crystal-clear view of your turtles in their natural habitat.

Strong Load-bearing Capacity: Designed with a non-toxic turtle terrace, this basking platform can withstand the weight of small to medium-sized turtles. Let your turtles relax and bask in confidence on this sturdy and reliable platform.

Adjustable Up and Down: With its adjustable feature, this turtle basking platform allows you to set the perfect height for your turtles to bask comfortably. Create an ideal environment for your aquatic pets, promoting their well-being and natural behavior.

Versatile Basking Platform: This floating turtle basking platform offers multi-hole mounting and adjustable telescopic clasp for easy setup and customization. Enhance your turtle's habitat with this must-have accessory.

Transparent Perforated Climbing Platform: The multiple holes design of this basking platform offers turtles a secure and spacious area to climb and explore. 

Material: Acrylic

Model: Large/Small

Size: Large 16.3*19.2cm/ Small 16.3*15.5cm

Package Includes:

1 * Hanging Turtle Basking Platform

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