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40-50 Gallon Aquarium Cabinet Stand

40-50 Gallon Aquarium Cabinet Stand

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40-50 Gallon Aquarium Cabinet Stand



Origin: US(Origin)

Material: Engineered Wood, Metal

Type: fish

Aquariums Type: Fish Bowls

Volume: 40-50 Gallon

About this item

  • Suitable for large fish tanks: Our fish tank stand is designed for 40-50 gallons of fish tanks, providing stable support and a secure display space. It is also equipped with two additional compartments on the right side, with the bottom compartment capable of holding 5-10 gallons of small fish tanks, allowing you to create a more diverse aquatic environment. Whether you're raising large ornamental fish or arranging aquatic plants, our stand can meet your needs.
  • Convenient storage functionality: first-level compartment on the right side, allowing for easy storage of fish food, nets, disinfectants, water conditioners, and other daily supplies. The cabinets are designed with specific spaces, and removing the compartment allows for accommodating canister filters and CO2 hoses. There is also an opening at the back of the stand. This ensures a tidy and organized environment around your fish tank, making it convenient to access the items you need.
  • Strength and stability: Our stand is constructed with high-quality materials, featuring 1.5-inch thick steel pipes and sturdy MDF panels, ensuring a maximum weight capacity of 850 pounds for the tabletop and 150 pounds for the bottom. The robust structure and stable design guarantee the stability of your fish tank, eliminating concerns about wobbling or insecurity. Your fish tank will remain rock solid, allowing you to enjoy your aquatic world with peace of mind.
  • Stylish modern design: Our stand showcases a sleek black modern design that complements various home decor styles. It serves not only as a practical fish tank stand but also as an exquisite home decoration, adding a touch of modern elegance to your living space. Stand dimensions: 40.55" L*18.89" W*31.49" H TIP: Fish tank not included.
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