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Decorative Wall-Mounted Acrylic Bubble Fish Tank

Decorative Wall-Mounted Acrylic Bubble Fish Tank

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Decorative Wall-Mounted Bubble Fish Tank



Origin: Mainland China

feature1: hanging tank

feature2: wall mount aquarium tanks

feature3: hanging aquarium

feature4: wall bowl

feature5: bowls for betta

feature6: bowls

feature7: wall tank

feature8: wall aquarium

feature9: hanging betta tank

feature10: aquarium tanks

feature11: aquarium

feature12: tank

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes


Made of material, this wall- mounted tank can help to decorate your wall and maximize your space. Suitable for and plants to live.


- Color: Clear.
- Material:.
- Size: 15.00X15.00X7.00cm;/5.89X5.89X2.75in;
Note: random style tree

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