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10 Pcs Artificial Realistic Tree Bark Habitat and Terrarium Décor

10 Pcs Artificial Realistic Tree Bark Habitat and Terrarium Décor

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Realistic looking Tree Bark Décor

Create a luxurious and inviting habitat for your reptiles and amphibians with our 10 piece Artificial Realistic Tree Bark Décor. Made to mimic the natural look of tree bark, this terrarium décor will add a stylish and elegant touch to any enclosure. Bring a sense of nature to your pet's home with this exclusive and tasteful accessory.


Expertly crafted with a realistic tree bark texture, this 10-piece set will elevate the aesthetic of your terrarium or habitat. You'll experience the perfect blend of beauty and functionality, making it a must-have for any nature-lover's collection.

Realistic Looking

Transform your terrarium or reptile habitat with these 10 Pcs Artificial Realistic Tree Bark pieces. Make your pet's environment feel just like their natural habitat with these incredibly lifelike pieces.


Enjoy a long-lasting, natural-looking piece of décor for your habitat or terrarium with our 10-piece set of Artificial Realistic Tree Bark.

High-Quality Materials

Our products are made with only the finest materials, ensuring their quality and longevity. With each 10-piece set, you'll have enough realistic tree bark to fill any habitat or terrarium.

Feeling of Nature

Add an extraordinary piece of work to your pet's habitat. Crafted to bring a touch of elegance to your pet's space. Each piece is a unique work of art, designed to evoke the beauty and tranquility of nature. Immerse your pet in the luxurious atmosphere of our realistic tree bark décor and elevate your terrarium to the next level.



Origin: Mainland China


-Color:As Shown
-Provide a secure climbing platform for your small pet carefully made at home.
-Fine details, this tree bark decor is suitable for snakes, lizards, reptiles and other crawling pet.
-Using premium and safe material, and can serve for a time. A nice gift choice for your close friends or families who have a small pet.
-Natural and rough tree bark look design, and not easy to be overturned by reptiles.
Because it is natural bark, each piece of bark is not the same size and shape, showing a different visual effect.

10 x Tree Bark Decors

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